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The Olives

The Olive hatches occur roughly from mid-April, at the tail end of the duckfly, and can last till mid-May. The lake olives or as we know them, the Sootey Olives, belong to the Ephermeridae family of which the Mayfly, is the largest member. It is an exciting time on Lough Corrib as thousands of sooty olives hatch, starting a feeding frenzy, with the gulls, ducks, swallows and of course at the very top of the list, the Corrib Trout. There are many, many Olive patterns, to catch the Angler, but it can be very difficult to catch an olive feeding trout. Keeping it very simple usually produces a rise or two. Sparsely tied olives being the order of the day.

Popular Patterns

A definite must, in any olive fishing anglers fly box, has to be Greenwells Spiders in different sizes and different shades of green and light browns. Dry olives and small sedges work well also during olive hatches, in Sz 12 / 14 / 16, in a nice gentle southerly breeze. Recommended flies to use during the olives; Sooty Olive, Green Olive, Rough Olive, Medium Olive, Olive Dun, Blae Wing Sooty, Cock Robin, Sooty Bumble, the Johnson, Fiery Brown, Golden Olive, Green Corrib Olive.

Article By:

Jim Riddell

Jim has fished and guided on Lough Corrib for many years. He has represented Ireland in The European Fly Fishing Championships and won a European Bronze Medal.

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