90% of the trouts diet consists of food found under the waters surface. A good set of well tied nymphs,in your nymph box,is essential for a good,productive,days fishing. Fishing with nymphs allows you to fish all year round and in any time of the day. With our nymphs, we imitate a wide range of aquatic insects present in Europe, North America and Canada. Click here and check out our nymph section.

dry flies


Fishing with dry flies is the ultimate way to catch a trout. Dry fly fishing involves different skills from the successful angler. Observation, and knowledge of the surroundings, is a must if you want to be a successful dry fly angler. Click here and have a look to our dry fly section.



Fishing streamer is probably one of the hardest ways to catch trouts, but, when you get it, BANG! Will be a big one! By using streamers is possible to imitate a wide variety of aquatic creatures, like crayfish, baitfish, leeches and even giant aquatic insects like stoneflies. Click here to go to our streamers section.